Astrology Consulting: The Challenges Of Dealing With An International Clientele


I really love reading charts and consulting with clients.  I love to help people but besides that I am constantly amazed and entertained.  You think you’ve seen it all but you never have.  It is always a challenge especially online.

If  you are able to work in your neighborhood and make a living that’s fine.  But most people who survive as astrologers are going to be working with an international clientele these days which brings up some interesting questions.   Should you consider a person’s culture?

That answer may seem obvious but in practice it’s not.  For example if someone contacts me and they are dealing with a machismo type man, well I know a lot about them.  I understand that culture and can readily align with a woman. But what if the woman is Indian as many clients are? I know much less about this  culture and there was a time I thought I should turn these clients away until a pal set me straight.

“They know who they are hiring, Elsa,” my friend said. “If they wanted an Indian astrologer, they’d hire one.   They are contacting you because your perspective is unique. It’s singular. They want to know what Elsa P has to say…”

That was about 5 years ago. Today  I understand this completely and  would never consider turning away a client based on my perceived lack of knowledge.  Instead I reach across the space and do you know I’ve not had one problem?

What are your experiences dealing with an international clientele?

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