Consulting Benefits The Astrologer… And Committment-Phobia


One of the benefits of working as an astrologer it it helps me on track. It is well known by counselors of all types that you invariably attract clients with experiences or challenges that mirror you’re own.  In my case that means I am going to work with a lot of commitment-phobic freedom loving types.

I am old enough to appreciate this lifestyle has a distinct downside and have worked very hard to devise a way where I could enjoy the immense benefits of committed partnership while not relinquishing my person hood. I’ve  managed this now and I feel good about helping others who want to move in this direction but every time I do I am reminded to keep my own self on track.  It’s like the AA model, I suppose.  You stay sober by helping others get sober.

I am seeing a counselor with my son to deal with a trauma. I outlined my very defined and developed knowledge about a certain thing and he responded by telling me a story from his life with the same hallmarks as the story I’d just told him. Eureka, I thought!  He knows what I am talking about.  I felt like I hit the lottery.

If someone comes to me and I can’t relate to their problem,  I refer them.

One Response to Consulting Benefits The Astrologer… And Committment-Phobia

  1. kingsley says:

    I disagree in one respect Elsa. Counsellors invariably attract the person they might identify less with. That is they attract committed and structured oreientated people in reference to your example. It will be up the counsellor to be ok with who they are and who the client “is”. Some very good relational styles of work can proceed if that is the case. Otherwise the clients and counsellors issues go around and around with not much benefit except that they relate similarly.


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