Avoiding Burnout As An Astrologer

burnout1Recently I hired a PsyD to work with my son and I to help us recover from family trauma.  He’s got 30 years in the psych business but he still listens intently. He is thoughtful and chooses his questions carefully to guide the session.  He is  active, not just keeping the chair warm and going through the motions and this is inspiring to me.

I think there is probably an arc most counselors follow. At first they’re too green to do you much good. They go on to gain experience and then hit their peak and remain at the top of their game for sometime before burn out sets it. They become jaded or just plain lose interest.

There are exceptions to the rule like the doctor my son and I are working with and I want to be one of  I take great pains to stay focused.  I clear my mind completely before I start work with someone. I keep in mind the person has paid me, they want results and they are expecting my best work.

Keeping the standard high like this is a benefit to me.  I am pretty sure that as long as I maintain this I will avoid becoming ineffectual which is an idea that makes me cringe.

Astrologers have so much to offer but I have consulted several and been completly dissapointed.  Reading a chart and working with people are two different things and I think that working with the person comes in front of reading the chart.  I take the astrology for granted and concern myself with the person and this seems to work.

One Response to Avoiding Burnout As An Astrologer

  1. Kyle Pierce says:

    Excellent points, especially the one about putting the client ahead of the chart reading. There’s an art of “reading the life” that cannot be learned except in practice and by attuning oneself to the client’s situation.

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