Astrology Consulting: Focusing On The Client

distractedI wonder if other astrologers have rituals when they do consultations, I know I do.  It’s a bit of a terror to do this kind of work, at least it is for me. I know I can read a chart but that is hardly enough. You’ve got to be able to communicate!

I am very aware that the client is relying on me to make something happen in the time allotted. They want some value for their money and I almost always do but not without some hi jinks! I do have some things I do to insure the client gets the best I can offer.

First, I never work distracted. I postpone the work if I cannot be completely focused. I figure this is what I am paid for and if I don’t deliver I’ll not be in business for long.

Second, I print the chart. I just can’t get the same feel for a person, their chart and their circumstance without holding the chart in my hand.  If you ask me to glance at something, I will glance at it but if I am actually going to work with a chart, I have got to have a hard copy and would again, postpone the consultation if my printer was broken!

The last thing I do is make sure I am comfortable, particularly on the phone. I write all the time so that’s a different matter but when I do phone consultations I make sure I have the chart(s) in my hand and I am completely, totally comfortable. No clothes binding, not to cold or hot and no shoes!

I do this so I my attention is focused. I just don’t think you can counsel someone, you can’t get these planets to talk to your or through you when you’re busy swatting flies, putting out fires or whatever else you’re doing. I turn ALL my attention to the task, it almost always works out and I thank the universe for that and I never, ever get cocky.

I think to be any good at this work, you must always be humble.  You’ve got to be confident, you;ve got to be brave but also humble because that person on the other end of the phone or email… the person who is going to receive your energy is expecting your best effort and rightly so.  You can’t get to thinking you’re some kind of big deal, touched in some way, or you’re going to begin to deliver trash.  I don’t like trash by my nature so I work very hard to do good work and this is how.

If you are a consulting astrologer, do you have rituals like this?

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