Gender Differences In Astrology Consulting

venus marsI do a good number of astrology consultations and almost all of them are with women. Less than 5% of my clients are men and I’ll tell you right now, it may as well be 0% because it does not work out and I think I have figured out why.

I am very direct in my communications. I am the kind of astrologer who will tell you exactly, very precisely what the situation is and overwhelmingly, the women I consult with take my advice.

They take it because they can see or sense it will lead them where they want to go. They take it because I am older and they respect that.

In some cases I am not older but I have experience in a specialized area (like court or mediation) that they lack, or just the ability to suss out motives of people both theirs or others. In whatever case, the women do take my advice and many of them take it to the letter but the men are a whole different story.

I work with men the same way I work with women but it is not effective at all. It just plain doesn’t work and I think the reason is because men don’t want advice from a woman. I mean they just do not want to be told what they could or should do, no matter what and I don’t think this is conscious! I think it is just a fact.

That said, I know of one astrologer who does work successfully with men. She claims 40% of her clients are men and I am sure this is the case. She has a very yang chart and that could be the difference?

I have a very yin chart. I am undeniably “womanly” I just don’t think men want to see me as some kind of authority and so they don’t.

I don’t really want to have authority over men so it’s just as well. I will be happy to work with 100% women and watch the men from afar.

Your thoughts on this?

One Response to Gender Differences In Astrology Consulting

  1. nyna says:

    “I don’t think this is conscious! I think it is just a fact.”

    AH Hahahahahahah!

    Oh, it’s conscious, alright. They do know they’re doing it. I remember one fellow recounting how he was always getting lost driving, because he had one of those direction finders in his car and had set it to speak in one of the female voices the thing is programmed with, because he found it to be ‘sexy’ having this woman telling him what street to take next and when to turn. But he was always getting lost because he couldn’t bring himself to follow the instructions of a female voice. Ha! ha! even an electronic one (that could just as easily be talkin’ like a man)!

    It’s what Camille Paglia pegs as being the Apollonian “anxiety, coldness, and phobia” of “the male will to power.” Sad to say, but most men are just really uncomfortable in the presence of a woman who will look them in the eye and speak to them as though we were all equal beings.

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