Astrology – It’s Slick And Efficient And People Are Catching On

crystalball-largeI’ve noticed a shift over the years of who shows up for an astrological consultation and what they’re after when they do. These days people are far less skeptical. The consultation is a not an “experiment” but taken very seriously.   The client shows up able to articulate their problem and expects the astrologer to come back with solid, usable information as opposed to some kind of vague doublespeak. This is gratifying to me. as it seems people are discovering just how slick and efficient astrology is.

I am not sure if this has to do with me and how I present myself or if it reflects the overall mood in the collective. People do seem to have less time and money to waste and they want results.

I am definitely more comfortable working in these conditions as astrology as a parlor game has never held appeal.

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